Many of our customers maintain underground lawn irrigation systems on their properties. In the State of Connecticut, a backflow prevention device, either a Reduced Pressure Zone Device (RPZ) or Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB), is required to be installed on the system to protect the backflow of harmful contaminants into your domestic (drinking) water. Please be advised that, in accordance with Connecticut Public Health Code Section 19-13B38f(7), water suppliers are required to oversee that these backflow devices are tested annually.

Many lawn irrigation service companies complete the backflow prevention device tests for their customers during routine maintenance of the lawn irrigation systems. The Jewett City Water Company accepts the results of these backflow tests only as long as the person conducting the irrigation service company to test your backflow prevention device, please remind them to send the results, along with their certifcation number, to the address listed below.

For customers of the Jewett City Water Company, who maintain their own lawn irrigation system or for customers that use an out of state service company, the Jewett City Water Company can provide the backflow prevention device testing service.

If you would like to schedule a backflow prevention device test, please call our office at 1-800-430-8073. If you wouldlike to have a Jewett City Water Company employee inspect your irrigation system for the proper backflow prevention device installation, please also call our office.