The Jewett City Water Company is a privately owned public utility. It was established in 1894 and has been since become a family owned and operated business. The Company is currently in the third generation of ownership by the Avery & Dewing Families, with the patriarch, Arthur Dewing, purchasing the company in 1937.

The majority of the water has been supplied by a beautiful 90-million gallon reservoir constructed in 1899. Water use was heavily industrial in the early years and has shifted to residential use in the past 15 years.

Mission Statement

In 1999, with the completion of our new million gallon a day treatment plant, the company established a new philosophy: To strive for the highest level of quality, service and professionalism. JCWC is receptive to customer’s concerns and the Company endeavors to provide the highest quality of service possible. Our customers’ input is an integral component in determining methods by which we provide quality service and an important indicator of the quality of service delivered.

From the Staff

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