Call Before You Dig (CBYD) is a corporation that was established under the Connecticut Non-Stock Corporation Act which includes all public utilities. The purpose of CBYD is to prevent injury to persons and property, and interruption of utility and cable television service resulting from damage to underground facilities. CBYD is a method whereby the location of underground utilities will be made known to persons planning to engage in excavating operations.

Anytime you plan to disturb the earth, whether as part of a construction job or a homeowner project (such as putting up a fence, clothesline, basketball hoop; planting trees or shrubbery; installing a pool; building a home addition, deck or foundation, etc.) CBYD must be notified.

When CBYD receives the request all utilities are notified. Individual utilities are then responsible to determine if they have underground lines present on the property and, if so, to clearly mark their lines. The Jewett City Water Company marks out all service connections and mains for all CBYD requests. The blue paint used by the Company is environmentally friendly, temporary and will deteriorate over time.